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Like a 20 kiloton nuclear explosion going off right outside your window, iNCOMiNG! is a morning wake-up call that’ll fry the doldrums outta your brain and jolt you into a higher plane of awareness. Scientifically proven to be thrice as effective as your morning cup of coffee, we’re here to promote music in Cincinnati and promote it hard. Each morning, Monday through Friday, traveling scholar Sammy McKee and sedentary host Griff Brydon-Williams will ring up a rich roster of rad releases both local and global, as well as a range of artists playing in the Cincy area that week. It’s our musical breakfast buffet prepared especially for you, a smoky smorgasbord of rock n’ roll, punk, metal, indie, hip hop, country, electronic and whatever else we so desire. In doing so, we hope to (a.) invigorate your morning drive, (b.) expand your musical horizons, and (c.) get you off your butt to see some live music, why not? There’s always so much good stuff iNCOMiNG! that it’s often hard to keep track of it all; we’re here to break it down for ya in grand old style, and maybe have some laughs doing it. Who knows, you might even learn something!

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